Conception, creation, action: The aim of PR is the implementation of confidence-building measures that increase the value of a brand or a product through publicity and positive presentation in the editorial framework. The mouthpiece is journalists and influencers from print, online, radio, TV and Social Media who public relations can use as credible opinion leaders.

A high degree of authenticity, loyalty and professionalism are for me the key words for a successful exchange between network and cooperation partners such as graphic artists, copywriters, photographers, media trainers as well as a team of experts as speakers with regard to topics requiring clarification. Marketing and media should be on an equal footing while I am your press link and communicator.

Personal and intensive contacts from seventeen years of experience in the nationwide media landscape - no matter whether to print or online from Beauty & Fashion or the booming Social Media area offer me the opportunity to address opinion makers and consumers to reach your target audience clearly in the sights. Media serve the platform.

Editorial tours, classic press conferences, emotional press events & round tables that bring in open conversations offer the challenge of formulating messages in such a way that they end up exactly where they belong and are understood by the target group. Here, the content-filled term "win-win" for both sides in the focus.

„Man kann Botschaften so formulieren, dass sie genau dort ankommen, wo sie hingehören – dabei immer im Fokus: Win-Win“.
"The best marketing messages are those that are not understood as classic advertising."
"Media provides decision support on relevant alternatives and influence the perception of messages."
"A long-term approach via target media convinces the consumer permanently and creates trust. This is a marathon - not a sprint! "
"Success for me means: checking concerns and sources of error. Do not ask: Does it work out or does it not? But: what do I have to do to make it work? "
"Agenda 2020: Today, creative business intelligence is more important than ever."
„Ich glaube, dass 2021 bedingt durch die Pandemie und eine massive Weiterentwicklung des Marktes ein Jahr der erhöhten Standards sein wird. Den Dreh- und Angelpunkt bildet dabei maßgeblich VERTRAUEN zu Anbieter, Produkt, Anwendbarkeit und Wert des Produktes.“

For a coherent corporate image, reliable values and meaningful unique selling points form the foundation of sustainable communication. They sharpen the profile and lead to strategic content that can create a positive effect on opinion formation. Credibility and transparency are top priorities within this process. They determines the positioning of products, are guidelines for PR services such as corporate publishing or events and provide the framework for change processes.

Product PR is an integral part of brand communication and appeals especially to press representatives and potential buyers. It ranges from classic press work to media co-operations such as raffles through to targeted and innovative PR campaigns. The primary goal of product PR is its presence in the media and in consumer awareness. Here, the European Code of the German Public Relations Society e.V. (DPRG) "Code de Lisbonne" for a professional behavior of public relations in the foreground and is for me a guideline for a PR, which cannot be confounded with so-called surreptitious advertising.

Event-PR is a popular and versatile communication tool. As a staged event with attention-grabbing elements, it can create a comprehensive media coverage. Important for this: Be at the right time in the right place! A suitable location, an effective framework program that generates emotions - from idea to implementation: I care for the management. Because I have hands-on experience and think result-oriented while I don’t lose a stringent cost-benefit awareness for your budget.

  • Processing of editors' inquiries (press office function)
  • Creating efficient media distributors and maintaining media distributors
  • Maintaining contacts with relevant journalists of the trade and public press
  • Copywriting and editorial management: creating press releases, technical papers, background reports and exclusive articles
  • Creation of graphics
  • mediation of media co-operations
  • Conception and implementation of media actions such as competitions, raffles, competitions etc.
  • Brokering of interviews
  • Editorial visits
  • Press conferences and round tables
  • Press trips
  • Journalist support, e.g. at trade fairs
  • Organization and implementation of photo shoots
  • Creation of motive lists with a conceptual background
  • Research and selection of model, photographer, stylist, make-up artist
  • Implementation of the shoot and processing of the image processing
  • Creation of clipping reports
  • Creation of the press review
  • Media Impact Analysis
  • Evaluation

Social Media, Blogger, Instagram…. An der digitalen Transformation kommt heute keiner vorbei. Der Schlüssel liegt in der Verknüpfung aller Kommunikationskanäle. Denn wenn sich klassische PR durch Social Media-Aktivitäten mit 360 Grad-Spiegelung synergetisch verlängern lässt, so werden Reichweiten multipliziert, Botschaften effektiver implementiert und Zielgruppen über Vertrauensbildung mit einem hohen Maß an Glaubwürdigkeit erreicht. Authentizität ist mir dabei besonders wichtig. Denn nicht jeder Blogger ist gleichermaßen glaubwürdig, weist ein nachhaltiges Engagement auf oder kennt seine Follower – ihre Zielgruppe. Dank meines Networks with best case experience, I complete your campaign with social media marketing media that works.

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